If you saw my post yesterday about my experience with Roaccutane, then this is the skincare routine that I would recommend for you whilst you are on the treatment.

I am very guilty of being sucked into pretty advertising of the latest skincare promising this and that, and I admit, I got to a point where I was using way too many products every night, which was not only costing me a fortune, but taking up a lot of time.

My skin was looking awful, and I couldn’t tell which product was irritating me, so I decided to really strip back my skincare routine, and it really worked. My skin had stopped responding to all the products I was using, and taking a step back for a month, before slowly reintroducing products one by one back into my routine really helped.

Stripped Back Skincare

Cleansing water – use a micellar water to remover you makeup. Bioderma and Garnier both do great ones. This isn’t my favourite way to remove my makeup, as I think it takes too long, however it is a very very gentle way of removing you make up and getting your face lovely and clean.

Fragrance Free Facial Wash – put down those luxuriously scented cleanser and get some good old cheap fragrance free cleansers. I love the one from Cetaphil. It doesn’t do anything fancy, except clean your face.

Fragrance free moisturiser – Again, stop using all your scented products and pick up something made for sensitive skin. Again I love the ‘Cetaphil Daily Moisturising Lotion’. Its really nice and gentle on my skin, and keeps my face moisturise.

Doing this really helped with how sensitive my skin was getting. Slowly I reintroduced a serum and an eye cream back into my regime, and switched up back to my favoutire cleanser, and found that after the break things worked much better on my skin. I also cut my routine down to 4 products, Cleanser, Eye Cream, Serum, Moisturiser.

Sometimes our skin needs a break from perfumed products! If your skin is starting to become red or sensitive, think about giving this a go!