Keeping everything Clean


One of the most important things with make up and beauty is cleanliness and sanitization. You can spend £100 on skincare, and you won’t be making much of a different if you are putting dirty brushes, or old make up on your face.

If you realise your having a few more break outs than usual, and can’t put your finger on why, try a few of these tips to make sure that that you aren’t spreading any bacteria onto you face, and hopefully will help you achieve clearer skin!

Clean Station 

My tips to keep as hygienic as possible are to always keep a bottle of hand sanitiser next to all your make up, to encourage you to use it before you touch your face. Its just an extra precaution to stop any bacteria getting onto your clean skin.

I also use a palette to pump and mix my foundation on instead of the back of my hand. This not only stops my hands getting messy, but also keeps everything as hygienic as possible.

Cleaning Your Brushes

I cannot stress the importance of cleaning your make up brushes. Bacteria will so easily spread if you don’t and make cause breakout or clogged pores. I keep a spot brush cleaner where I do my makeup, and spot clean after most uses. If I don’t spot clean, I put my dirty brushes in a separate container to my clean ones, so it reminds me to wash them.  I tend to deep clean my brushes 3 times a week.

See how I do this HERE.

Throwing Out Old Make Up

Make up does actually have a sell by date after you open it, so keep that in mind! I tend to only have one or 2 things open at once so I can keep on top of the rate I’m using them. With foundations and concealer, I find it quite easy to use within the time, however I must admit I do have eyeshadows that are maybe nearing the end of their lives!

Foundation – 18 months

Concealer – 12 months

Powder – Up to 18 months

Blusher – 12 months

Eye shadow – 12-24 months

Lipstick and Lip Gloss – 2 years

Mascara – 4 months

This is around the amount of time you should use each product by. This is pretty important to keep an eye on, as you don’t want to be using old or contaminated make up on your face. If you have been breaking out, check how old your foundation is!

Other Tips

Don’t use foundation or concealer applicator wands directly on the face, always decant the products. This way you aren’t contaminating the product at all.

Don’t share! Things like foundation are okay, but keep your mascara and lipsticks to yourself!

Wash your pillowcase – as your face is pressed against this every night it is important to wash this often, to make sure you skin stays as clean as you can.

Taking on a few of these tips may end up saving you a lot on money on skincare in the future!