I haven’t experimented too much with Lush products, but I have tried out a fair few bath bombs, melts and bubble bars.

I like most of the ones that I have used, however, this on is hands down my favourite.

It is the ‘Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment’

The Product

Lush Says – 

‘Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment brings to mind dolly mixtures and candy floss, so it’s no surprise it’s popular with children of all ages. In fact, its gentle moisture-infusing ingredients are ideal for young, delicate, or irritated skins. We use a soothing powder made from the roots of the marshmallow herb, which was used in traditional medicine on cuts, abrasions and skin irritations, to help this melt into your bathwater.’

This description is so right about the scent of this product. It is so sweet and candy like, but in the very best way. If you love ‘Snow Fairy’ you will love this.

I love this as it is aimed at delicate or irritated skin, so its great to really soften the skin, and sort out any razor burn that you may have. Its really soothing and incredibly moisturising.

Definitely worth checking out if your have dry or sensitive skin.

The Price

This product is £3.95